Toying with qualms, paranoia

Excerpted from Milwaukee State Journal

By JAMES AUER | Nov. 16, 2004

Halloween is long past, but “Uneasy Places,” a show calculated to undermine your sense of complacency and invigorate every qualm you’ve ever had, lingers like a grainy rerelease of an old Universal horror classic through Nov. 27 at the Dean Jensen Gallery.


Not that this group encounter with fear, loneliness and uncertainty has the visual wallop of a devil bat flying in through a half-open window, or Frankenstein’s monster fleeing a torch-bearing crowd. But it comes close.

Barry Carlsen, for instance, delights in his paintings in taking us prowling through fog-shrouded woodlands and eerily lighted nocturnal parklands. Vagrant pools of light isolated in the darkness only serve to underscore our vulnerability in the midst of a world fraught with sudden violence and untrammeled hate.

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